Graphics Design And Photo Editing Service

Introduction (Graphics Design and Photo Editing Service)

In this modern day, the technology is accelerating faster than a rocket engine, and the digital development is reaching a new higher level. Things are becoming too fast to track, and it is common to mix up your thoughts about technological aspects of this digital world. It is hard for us to understand and get a clear view of the difference between two technological aspects, and they all may sound and seem to be familiar when they are not. One of the greatest mix up – that people tend to face is the similarities and difference between Graphic design and photo editing service. In this article, we are going to make you understand the difference between these two aspects and their significance in this digital world.

Graphic Design

First thing first, you have to understand what actually graphic design is all about while you will head to know the difference between graphics design and photo editing. From the simple viewpoint, we can say that graphic design is kind of visual art, where texts and graphics are combined to convey a message or create something to express information in terms of logos, banners, photos, graphics, brochures, posters, catalogs etc.

Graphic designers mainly aim to create and develop something visually in a unique way for the digital world. Professional Graphic designers are supposed to learn a variety of software programs like Adobe, Corel, Solid Works, Cad etc. and other some more applications that allow image editing and graphic designing together. They learn to fit their graphic design work into print media, websites, digital and print ads, etc. A graphic designer can specialize in particular branch of graphic design like – package design, web template design, material design, photo editing, photo manipulation, web design, etc.

Photo Editing Service

It is possible to say that photo editing service is a part or branch of graphic design. Photo editing is a digital process where software and digital applications are used to process to edit an image; it can be a portrait, product photo editing, print media, posters, advertisement, etc.

After taking a shot of an object or a person, even if it is a good one, it is possible to make the photo more meaningful and highlighted through photo editing service.

Photo editing process can be simple or a complex process that is performed in a studio or at home through software like Adobe Photoshop or GIMP. These software has been programmed with lots of features to manipulate and make photos to look great. For example, in digital photo editing, someone can easily do (change) the following things uniquely and smartly to make a significant difference in a photo:

  • Background removal (the background of a photo is removed or changed except for the desired subject)
  • Contrast (the scale of difference between black and white in an image)
  • Saturation (the intensity of color in an image)
  • Cropping and resizing (changing the size of a photo and aligning it as desired)
  • Exposure (the determination of how light or dark an image will be)

These are just some few simple processes that can be done with the software to edit an image.

The complex and advanced technique is also possible with photo editing software. Some of the complex processes are given below:

  • Special effects (where new image frames and designs are created and manipulated in an image)
  • Photo masking and adding layers (where frames and two or more types of layers are created to manipulate the desired output in an image)
  • Photo stitching (a process where multiple images are combined to produce a high-resolution image or panorama).
  • Retouching (The process of getting an image ready for a presentation, several aspects are altered and manipulated).

Summary of the difference between graphic design and photo editing service

Graphic design is a broader aspect of the digital world and a kind of art where something unique is created, and some raw image or something like that is not necessary every time. On the other hand, photo editing service is a digital process, which is offered by a particular company or individual people.  It is possible to make your photos appear more beautiful through photo editing, as you can alter and remove most blemishes and unwanted objects from your digital photos using this technique. Pixel Graphics provide all the service together with their pride of experience.

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