Overview of Pixel Graphics

Before born Pixel Graphics, born its child. Shocked? Nothing to be yet, we are going to explain a bit.

We actually launched our child form of Pixel Graphics before 3 years from now in 2013. That was a part of art industry and graphic design but aligned with Digital Image Editing Service only. We started small, and growth yet. Then we found Pixel Graphics in the middle of the time launching the part and now 2017. Now we are a total graphic solution outsourcing farm. So, we forced our interest to build the mother concern. That’s Pixel Graphics.

And the URL actually looks like PX and GRAPHICS together. We mean Pixel by PX which we all designer use in real life to mean Pixel in a design work. So, we chose that real life one “PX“. And Graphics means its own characters itself; what we do. That’s the full form of Pixel Graphics. And we  Pixel Graphics 🙂

What we do?

If you are thinking about Design, Photography Post-Production, Digital Image Editing or anything that relate with Graphic Design or Image Editing to outsource, then we will say “We do all and everything”.

Our main form of design is –

  • Raster to Vector Conversion
  • Logo Design, Logo Re-Make
  • Banner Design, Cover Design
  • Branding Design
  • Photo Retouch Service
  • Image Cut Out Service

Is anything cover your need? Or related with? Just give us a buzz, ask anything. We will happily get back to you within an hour or maximum 6 hours.

Please note that: We don’t do anything with nudity photo or digital content.